Be A Neighbor Campaign

Please visit their website to get help, volunteer or organize help in your neighborhood!

VOMO was created to become a movement for good —mobilizing volunteers to meet the needs of their communities. Today hundreds of thousands of volunteers in 31 countries use VOMO in tandem with the nonprofits, churches, schools and organizations they participate in.

Builders + Backers was created to ignite action in communities across America with the most American of methods: experimentation and entrepreneurial action. From the smallest of projects to the biggest, boldest ideas, we can unleash the power of Buildership™ to become people of action. And, in sharing our challenges and our ideas for solving them, we will see the common threads that connect us more than divide us.

Then the coronavirus hit. Everywhere we turned people are hungry for ways to help. But they’re using emails, listservs, Twitter threads, and Google docs to cobble together ways to engage. And we found ourselves at a crossroads.

Our country needs a way to come together so we can help one another.

At scale. Right. Now.

So we’ve decided to make it happen. Starting immediately, we are partnering to open the VOMO app for free for everyone and every organization in any community that wants to use it to help us come together during the COVID-19 crisis. VOMO’s team is working 24×7 to add functionality specific to the needs of communities during the pandemic. And Builders and Backers is helping mobilize the nation and funding to make it happen. But there is a lot more to do and we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to help us make this happen!

We can get through this crisis if we pull together as a nation. We can come together by serving and solving together.

Donna Harris
Founder, Builders and Backers
Cofounder, 1776 / General Partner, 1776 Ventures
Director, Global Entrepreneurship Network

Rob Peabody
CEO & Co-Founder, VOMO